For Children and Babies

ANTILOP Highchair

From: £15.00 per week

Description and Information

ANTILOP is everyone’s favourite highchair with it being so easy and convenient to assemble and store. The raised edge prevents spillages from landing on the floor.

Safety belt and tray are both included. Intended for use by children that can sit up unaided until three years old, or a maximum weight of 15KG.

Width: 56cm
Depth: 62cm
Height: 90cm
Seat width: 25cm
Seat depth: 22cm
Seat height: 54cm
Max. load: 15kg

Wipe clean with a mild soapy solution and wipe dry with a soft, clean cloth.
Please do not cut food on the tray.

  • Never leave the child unattended
  • Always use the restraint system
  • Falling hazard: Prevent your child from climbing on the product
  • Do not use the product unless all components are correctly fitted and adjusted
  • Be aware of the risks of open fire and other sources of strong heat in the vicinity of the product
  • Be aware of the risk of tilting when your child can push its feet against a table or any other structure
  • Never use the tray to lift the highchair when the child is seated in the chair
  • Do not use the highchair before the child can sit up unaided
  • The highchair shall only be used for children aged up to 3 years old and/or a maximum weight of 15kg
  • Do not use the highchair if any part is missing, torn or broken
  • Check all fittings regularly and retighten as necessary
  • Follow the assembly instructions carefully